Fitness Mad

Fitness Mad

Fitness-Mad produce equipment to enhance your performance and help you reach your goals. Mad equipment is the choice of many leading gyms, health clubs and studios and is designed to offer high performance matched with excellent value for money. Whatever aspect of your fitness or wellbeing you wish to improve, be it Speed, Agility, Balance, Core Stability or Strength there is a Mad product to help. If you are coming back from injury, in rehabilitation or simply prefer more tranquil forms of fitness regimes, our extensive range of Yoga and Pilates equipment from sister brands Yoga-Mad and Pilates-Mad is the most comprehensive in the UK.

Lisää ostoskoriin Wave Hula Hoop -hulavanne 1,5kg

Poisto! Wave Hula Hoop -hulavanne 1,5 kg

12,90 €
37,90 €
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Fitness Mad Squat Band -vastusnauhalenkki

7,90 €
9,90 €

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