Renegade Guru

Renegade Guru

Renegade Guru on Urban Goddess Yoga & Active Wear -vaatemerkin suunnittelema uusi jooga- ja vapaa-ajan vaatemallisto miehille.

Hip, honest and affordable
Renegade Guru offers are hip, honest and affordable yoga and casual wear for men. We’re Hip because we like to be on trend, not just on the mat but also out on the streets. Our yoga wear is therefore easily matched with your casual wardrobe. We use really soft and breathable fabrics, so we can totally understand that much of our clothing is being worn off the matt as well. Ideal for lounging around the house, or a beach day for instance.

We’re Honest because Renegade Guru yoga and active wear is consciously made. We use certified organic cotton (GOTS) and natural fabrics like bamboo that don’t strain the environment because it grows so fast. All of our clothing is made safe conditions, with respect to the environment and humans. When you buy organic clothing, you do not only have a great product for yourself, but you also contribute to a better world.

Renegade Guru is Affordable because we try our best to charge reasonable prices for our clothing so that more and more people can choose sustainable yoga and casual wear. This is our contribution to creating a larger group of green and mindful consumers.

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