MyBall Actisan 65cm
  • MyBall Actisan 65cm
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  • POwerBall Premium ABS -jumppapallo
  • PwerBall Premium ABS -jumppapallo
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  • PowerBall Premium ABS -jumppapallo
  • PowerBall Premium ABS -jumppapallo 65cm

MyBall with actisan® 65cm.

40,90 €

MyBall with actisan – made in Germany: a round matter the large fitness ball is a classic and standard physio ball for Functional Training. From now on hygienic, versatile and efficient during group and personal training.

How actisan works?
Synthetic materials with antimicrobial effect are being used for quite some time in the medical and clinic sector.
The secret: Actisan is an ingredient for the synthetic material used for the tools and highly effective against bacteria and other microorganisms on an ionic basis. It is constantly building up ions which are harmless for humans. These ions are attacking only the metabolism of the harmful organisms. What is remarkable about Actisan: It is antibacterial as well as antimicrobial and destroys bacteria and other microorganisms at the same time. Therefore it is much more efficient than the usual wipe off disinfection and this effect lasts for at least five years.

Technical details:
Size: 65 cm diameter
Weight: ca. 1400g (65cm)
Max. load: ca. 500 kg

Soveltuu erinomaisesti esim. kuntosaleille, fysioterapiaan ja kuntoutukseen.

Jumppapalloa voi käyttää venyttelyyn, voima- ja tasapainoharjoitteluun monipuolisemmin kuin mitään muuta välinettä. Se soveltuu erinomaisesti pilates-, jooga- ja fysioterapiaharjoituksiin.

pituus 166-178 cm – pallo 65 cm

Materiaali: Ruton
Pakkaus EI sisällä pumppua.

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