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Rento Namaste -joogapaita avaralla pääntiellä. Väri: Volcanic Glass (harmaa)

20,00 €
35,00 €
Alkaen 8,95 €/kk
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The Free Spirit Tee is a no nonsense yoga t-shirt. This yoga tee has a comfortable loose fit and that’s why we offer the Free spirit yoga tee in double sizing. The top is made with super soft, thin, airy organic cotton, ideal for your summer yoga practice or the more sweaty yoga classes. This yoga top breathes with you as you move and breathe. It’s cute to combine this top with a bright sports-bra, as the neck opening is quite wide. The Free Spirit Yoga Tee features a Namaste – print.

Namaste is a greeting that you can hear often in yoga classes. It means something like, the essence of me greets, honors and recognizes. Namaste is not only a word, but also a hand gesture or mudra (Anjali mudra) where you take your palms together in front of your heart space. If you would like to know more on the deeper meaning of Namaste, you can read on here.

The yoga t-shirt Free Spirit is suited for all kinds of yoga. We even have you covered for hot yoga, especially for those who are not into synthetics for their yoga practice. And like many Urban Goddess yoga wear items, you can easily wear it casually, for instance on hip leggings or cool loose fit pants.


XS/ S (34/36/38)

M / L (38/40/42)

XL / XXL (42/44/46)

Materiaali: 100% orgaaninen puuvilla


Ole kiltti Urban Goddess -vaatteellesi, niin se pysyy hyvänä pitkään.
Pesuohje: pese 30 asteessa samanväristen kanssa.

“We only use certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear. That is why you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics and contribute to a healthier environment and happy people who make our products.

We know how annoying it is to get itchy or distracted because of care labels in your clothes and that’s why we don’t have them. We use stamps instead for all of our yoga wear.”

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