Stott Pilates -Pilates with Props Vol. 1 -DVD

Enjoy a total body conditioning routine with this beginner level DVD designed to help you achieve flat, well-defined abs while you tone your buns, thighs, arms and legs.

29,90 €

Enhance your Matwork routine with the added resistance of the Flex-Band®, Fitness Circle®, and Toning Balls™. These small yet powerful accessories will add intensity and energy to your favourite Pilates exercises. You will feel stronger and more energized as we also help you prevent injury in sports and daily activities.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner (Level 1 of 5)

LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, French

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Toning Balls, Flex-Band and Fitness Circle.

DVD Contents

  • 32 exercises
    Workout Time – 31 min
    DVD Length – 67 min
    Closed captioning

WARM UP: Breathing & Transversus, Protraction & Retraction, Pelvic Tilt, Elevation & Depression, Arm Scissors

EXERCISES: Squats, Lunge Back, Side Lunge, Ab Prep, Breast Stroke Prep, Hundred, Bend & Stretch, Half Roll Back, Half Roll Up, One Leg Circle, Spine Twist, Rolling like a Ball, Single Leg Stretch, Bicycle, Obliques, Double Leg Stretch, Shoulder Bridge, Spine Stretch Forward, Roll Over, Heel Squeeze Prone, Breast Stroke Prep #3, Saw, Open Leg Rocker, Swimming, Push Up Prep/Knees Down, Standing Side Bend, Roll Down

Bonus Features

Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
5-minute bonus workout
Work out with music only


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