Stott Pilates Foam Roller Challenge -dvd

Through the use of the Foam Roller and Exercise Mat, this routine activates deep core muscles while strengthening and stabilizing both abdominal and back muscles.

29,90 €

Join Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew as she leads an invigorating routine that will improve posture and tighten abs. Roll your way to tighter abs and a stronger core with the Foam Roller, a versatile accessory ideal for adding variety and intensity to individual or group workouts.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Intermediate Audiences (Level 3 of 5)

LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, Spanish

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Foam Roller and Exercise Mat

DVD Contents

21 exercises
Workout Time – 27 min
DVD Length – 84 min

WARM UP: Breathing, Hip Release, Leg Slide with Extension, Protraction & Retraction, Cat Stretch, Spinal Rotation

EXERCISES: Ab Prep, Hundred, Half Roll Back, Roll Up, One Leg Circle, Breast Stroke, Spine Twist, Leg Work, Swan Dive, Shell Stretch, Push Up, Snake, Ab Prep from Extension, Shoulder Bridge, Hamstring Stretch

Bonus Features

Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
-Two 5-minute bonus workouts
-Work out with music only
-Preview other video titles
-Meet the instructors


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