Tiguar latex mini bands
  • Tiguar latex mini bands
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Neljä eri vastustason minilenkkiä.

19,90 €

“Practical training loop bands that enable increasing the effectiveness of the exercises by adding the resistance. Mini bands can be used in personal training and during the rehabilitation. They significantly increase the effectiveness of upper and lower body parts. When used for such workout, they additionally help to activate core muscles, synergistic muscles and stabilizing muscles in the area of hips and arms. Due to its ergonomics, they can be used everywhere – at home, in the field, in the fitness studio and on a journey.”

Sizes and colours include:

level 1 — purple
level 2 — marine
level 3 — olive
level 4 — grey

Materiaali: lateksi
Halkaisija: 25cm, leveys 5cm

Lateksisten vastusnauhojen hoito-ohje:

Resistance bands are made of latex which is an organic natural substance, which will break down and deteriorate over time. It should therefore be protected from extreme temperatures, chemicals, perfumes, sweat and moisture, which may speed up deterioration.

Storing these products properly will help prolong the life of the product. Resistance bands should be laid flat and dusted with talcum powder from time to time. This prevents the rubber from sticking together when warm and will aid the process of tying and untying the bands.


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