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  • Mattoteline Core Fitness & Align Pilates TPE Eyelet -matoille
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Seinäkiinnitysteline ripustusreiällisille matoille merkiltä Pilates Mad.


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Keep your studio tidy with the Fitness-Mad Exercise Mat Rack for Core Fitness & Club Aerobic Eyelet Mat. Designed to hold mats with eyelets with a hole diameter greater than 2cm. The bars can be adjusted from 36 cm to 51cm apart (centre to centre) and are suitable for mats with eyelets of 1.95cm or larger. The bars that secure the mats are 21cm long and on a suitable wall can hold up to 15 × 10mm mats or 10 × 15mm mats. Perfect for use with:Core Fitness Mat 10mm with Eyelets, Core Fitness Mat 15mm with Eyelets and Align Pilates Mat 1cm.

Product details:
Dimensions – Bars adjustable from 36cm to 51cm (centre to centre). For use with eyelets a size 1.95cm or larger
Material – Steel
Storage options – Can hold 15 × 10mm or 10 × 15mm mats

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