Stott Pilates Prenatal Pilates -DVD (2 pack)

These gentle Pilates workouts are perfect for beginner-level women in their second trimester who wish to reap the benefits of a fitness routine and a more comfortable pregnancy. With the Exercise Mat, Stability Ball, and Flex-Band exerciser, you’ll enhance muscle tone, lengthen tight muscles, maintain a healthy weight and reduce physical and emotional stress, all while exercising in comfortable positions.

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WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner (Level 1 of 5; Suitable for women in the second trimester of pregnancy)


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Stability Ball and Flex-Band exerciser

Disc 1: Prenatal Pilates on the Mat: Minimize discomfort and increase strength during pregnancy with the Prenatal Pilates on the Mat workout!

The versatility of Pilates makes it a great and effective workout during pregnancy. Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair helps you maintain strong abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles to assist in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This workout helps you stay strong and keeps your energy levels high, while enhancing your muscle tone and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Disc 2: Prenatal Pilates on the Ball: Enjoy this unique and effective routine that prepares your mind and body for motherhood.

STOTT PILATES® exercise is the key to a feel-good pregnancy and helps prepare your mind and body for motherhood. Learn exercises and tips from Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair on how to support your changing body. Build upper body strength using the versatile Stability Ball™ and Flex-Band® so you look and feel your fittest.

Prenatal Pilates on the Mat

DVD Contents: 30 exercises; Workout Time - 32 min; DVD Length - 66 min; Closed captioning


WARM UP: Breathing, Flex Forward, Breathing into Flexion & Extension, Pelvic Floor Engagement, Imprint & Release, Protraction & Retraction, Cat Stretch, Spinal Rotation, Elevation & Depression, Head Nods

EXERCISES: Spine Twist, Saw, Resting on Elbows: Hip Release, Resting on Elbows: Bend & Stretch, Lower & Lift, Leg Circles, Hip Rolls, Leg Lifts, Side-Lying, Side Kicks, Side Leg Lift Series, Side Bend Prep, Twist, Squats, Leg Pull Front Prep, Swimming Prep, Push-Up, Lunge Forward Thigh Stretch, Mermaid Stretch, Rotation with Port de Bras, Arm Circles Seated

Prenatal Pilates on the Ball

DVD Contents: 17 exercises; Workout Time - 30 min; DVD Length - 43 min; Closed captioning


WARM UP: Reverse Ab Prep, Heel Lifts, Running, Lat Pulls, Calf Raises, Horseback, Half Moon, Scapula Isolations

EXERCISES: Leg Lift, Squat, Back Lunge, Against Wall, Against Wall - Hip Adduction, Against Wall - Squat, Imprint & Release, Hip Rolls, Mermaid, Mermaid with Rotation



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