Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Challenge-DVD

Boost your strength, flexibility and core stability with this invigorating routine that tones your arms, legs and abs while simultaneously enhancing stability, agility and mobility. 

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Offering increased intensity, this Fitness Circle® workout takes it up a notch. Adding resistance and focus to both upper and lower body moves, this energizing routine will leave you feeling stretched and toned. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew shows you how to put this versatile resistance ring through its paces, developing the core stability that is vital for optimal fitness.

With the use of a Fitness Circle® and Exercise Mat, this intermediate level workout will also develop core abdominal muscles and back strength without building any bulk.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Intermediate audiences(Level 3 of 5)


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Fitness Circle, Exercise Mat.

DVD Contents

  • 30 exercises
  • Workout Time - 32 min
  • DVD Length - 90 min
  • Closed captioning


WARM UP: Breathing, Imprint & Release, Hip Rolls, Hip Release, Cat Stretch, Scapula Isolations, Head Nods

EXERCISES: Ab Prep. Hundred, Half Roll Back, Roll Up, One Leg Circle, Spine Twist, Rolling Like a Ball, Single Leg Stretch, Obliques, Double Leg Stretch, Roll Over, Heel Squeeze Prone, Breast Stroke, Shell Stretch, Saw, Obliques Roll Back, Side Leg Lift Series, Spine Stretch Forward, Knee Bends, Lunges Front & Side, Balance with Arm Pulses, Standing Side Stretch, Standing Roll Down

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