Stott Pilates Simple Stretches -DVD

Connect your mind, body and soul with this beginner to intermediate level workout that blends ancient Yoga and STOTT PILATES® into a gentle sequence of stretching, breathing and relaxation.

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Close your eyes, breathe deeply and learn to connect your mind, body and soul. Learn how to relieve stress and tension, develop full postural alignment and incorporate restful transitions between stretches. Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair guides you through poses based on the ancient eastern traditions of Yoga coupled with the contemporary stabilization principles of STOTT PILATES®. These simple stretches will leave you feeling calm, focused and renewed.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner (Level 2 of 5)



DVD Contents

  • 25 exercises
  • Workout Time – 45 min
  • DVD Length – 99 min


WARM UP: Breathing, Neck Stretch, Eagle Arms, Chest Opener, Chest Opener with Forward Flexion, Reverse Prayer with Hinge Forward, Churning, Hip Opener with Rotation, Cat Stretch with Downward Dog Combo, Side Leg Lift “Hydrant”, Side Leg Lift with Knee Extension

EXERCISES: Downward Dog, High Lunge Series with right leg lead, High Lunge Series with left leg lead, Transition – Cat Stretch to Downward Dog, Three Legged Dog with right leg lead, Modified Pigeon, Hinge Forward Stretch, Three Legged Dog with left leg lead, Hinge Forward Stretch, Transition – Child’s Pose, Mountain Pose, Forward Bend, Thunderbolt to Mountain Pose, Side Standing Hinge to Forward Bend, Knee to Chest Pose with Rotation, Knee Over Knee Stretch, Extended Leg Stretch, Bridge with Extension, Side Rocking with Knees to Chest, Savasana, Integration, Namaste


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