Pilates for Golf -DVD (Two-Pack)

These beginner-to-intermediate tailored workouts will strengthen core muscles and condition your entire body – helping you both on and off the green!

39,90 €

By incorporating the use of Toning Balls™, your golf club and the Exercise Mat, you will perfect your swing, work on breathing and focus, advance your fairway skills, and enjoy a better game of golf!

WORKOUT LEVEL: Disk 1 – Beginner (Level 2 of 5)
Disk 2 – Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat and golf club, Toning Balls.

DISK 1: Pilates on the Green, Level 1

Increase core strength and give yourself that extra advantage on the green with STOTT PILATES®.

This DVD features targeted warm-ups and drills to improve your balance and flexibility. Learn how to condition your body to engage the very muscles you need to increase club head speed and drive that ball much further down the fairway.

DVD Contents: 32 exercises; Workout Time - 36 min; DVD Length - 107 min


PRE-GAME WORKOUT: Breathing, Scapula Isolation, Elevation & Depression, Thoracic Extension, Spinal Rotation, Side Bend, Pec Stretch, Deltoid Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Quad Stretch

MATWORK: Breathing, Shell with Lat Flexion, Spinal Rotation, Imprint & Release, Scapula Isolation, Cat Stretch, Ab Preps, Half Roll Back, Half Hinge Back, Half Roll Up, Spine Twist, Athletic Stance, Single Leg Stretch, Shoulder Bridge, Roll Over Prep, Saw, Side Kicks, Spine Stretch Forward, Swan Dive, Push Up, Single Thigh Stretch, Standing Squats

DISK 2: Pilates on the Green, Level 2

Improve flexibility and coordination to give your golf game a serious boost.

Consider this the perfect pre-game warm-up! STOTT PILATES® can condition your body to help refine your technique and add distance to your shots on the fairway. Practice this routine and you will quickly see the benefits to your game and overall fitness.

DVD Contents: 43 exercises; Workout Time - 41 min; DVD Length - 110 min; Closed captioning


PRE-GAME WORKOUT: Breathing, Scapula Isolation, Shoulder Rolls, Thoracic Extension, Side Bend, Squats, Imprint & Release, Spinal Rotation, Lat Stretch, Lunges, Lunges with Rotation, Quad Stretch, Deep Lunges, Adductor Stretch

MATWORK: Breathing, Spinal Rotation, Scapula Isolation, Cat Stretch, Hip Rolls, Head Nods, Ab Prep, Breast Stroke, Hundred, Half Roll Back, Roll Up, Leg Circles, Standing Spine Twist, Hip Hinge with Rotation, Ab Prep, Obliques, Shoulder Bridge, Saw, Side Kicks, Side Leg Lifts, Spine Stretch Forward, Leg Pull Front Prep, Side Bend, Push Up, Squats, Standing Single Leg with Torso Rotation, Lunge, Side Bend, Roll Down


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