Exafit Roller 30cm
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  • Lyhyt Foam Roller 45 cm (PE)

Pehmeämpi rolleri lihasten huoltoon.

13,90 €

Lyhyt pilatesrulla soveltuu hyvin erityisesti jalkojen hierontaan. Lämmittelyyn ja palautumiseen. Erittäin kevyt ja kompaktin kokoinen.

“This Foam Roller can be used for muscle massage and myofascial release. Perfect to use as a warm up or cool down before/after weight training, or any high impact workout whilst also being equally suitable for rehab, improving core stability and balance. Ultra lightweight and a shorter length (30cm) meaning you can truly take this roller with you anywhere.

Mitat: 30 cm x 15 cm
Materiaali: PE (polyetyleeni-solumuovi)


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