Stott Pilates Matwork with Weights -harjoitusdvd

This DVD features a fluid workout that combines elements of dance conditioning, STOTT PILATES and Yoga. The addition of light weights brings attention to the shoulders and helps condition the entire body from head to toe. The constant flowing movement enhances your core strength, and is an ideal workout for people who love to dance, or those who just want to keep moving.

29,90 €

Workout level: Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)

Language track: English

Required equipment: Mat and Mini Hand Weights

Take it to the extreme with an intense strengthening workout.

Required equipment: Mat and Mini Hand Weights

Take it to the extreme with an intense strengthening workout.

DVD Contents

  • 67 exercises
  • Workout Time – 21 min
  • DVD Length – 60 min


Exercises:Exercises, Scissors, Knee Flexes, Long Leg Lifts, Hip Release with Arm Developé (Open Knee to Side), Single Arm Reach to Side, Ab Prep (Shoulder External Rotation, With Flexion, With Overhead Reach, Overhead & External Rotation, Circle Arms, Bicep Curl), Scapula Isolation (Bilateral Elevation, Unilateral, Arm Circle), Breast Stroke - with weights (Lift with Arm, Elbow Flexed, Circle Arm, Elbow Extension, Arm Circles), Breast Stroke - Rotate Arms with Lift, Shell Stretch, Overhead Throw Kneeling (Neutral to Flex, Spinal Extension, Rotation on Flexion), One Leg Circle (Arms Wide, Legs Bent, Rotate Legs Bent, Rotate Extend Bottom Leg, Rotate Extend Both Legs, Circle Leg, Stretch), Rolling Like a Ball / Single Leg (Circle Arms, Add Single Leg, Add Reach with Arm and Leg), Spine Twist, Bicycle (Arms Overhead, rms to Side, Arms by Hips, Arm Circles), Shoulder Bridge (Right Foot on Left Knee, Lift Hips Open Arms, Lower Hips Flex Elbows, Reach to Ceiling, Hold Hips Lifted, Lower Leg), Side Lying (Side Plank One Knee, Bicep Curl, Reach Overhead, Hold Arm Overhead, Keep Arm Long, Dorsi-flex and Plantar flex), Lunge To Flexion (Pulses and Throw, Arms to Chest, Step Forward, Push Back, Circle Arms, Side Bend, Spinal Extension), Flex Forward

Bonus Features

  • STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Work out with music only
  • Special message from the founders
  • Check out Merrithew equipment
  • Learn about instructor training


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