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Leveälahkeiset joogahousut.

55,00 €
75,00 €
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Pranafied Pants -housut ihastuttavat leveillä kellomaisilla lahkeillaan. Laadukas ja pehmeä materiaali hengittää mukanasi ja taitettava korkea vyötärökaistale toimii bonuksena loistavasti myös raskaana oleville joogineille tarjoten tukea ja peittävyyttä kasvavalle masulle tai voit taittaa sitä alaspäin enemmän tai vähemmän. Rypytysyksityiskohta takana vyötärökaistaleessa korostaa naisellisuutta. 

Materiaali: 92% orgaaninen puuvilla 8% lycra.
Väri: City Glam - Urban Black
Koot: XS – XXL.

The Best Flared Yoga Pants

The legs of the Pranafied open wider towards the bottom, but are just tight enough so that the fabric doesn’t get in the way during your yoga practice. Flare pants are on trend right now, which makes our Pranafied flare yoga pants not just the best yoga pants. They are perfect to wear casually too. They’re a must-have for your casual outfits. Combine the Pranafied yoga pants with the Ananda Yoga Bra Top or a hip shirt like the OM yoga tank top for your more dynamic yoga practice.

What is Prana

Prana is Sanskrit for life energy. Have you ever noticed that you feel more powerful and alive after a yoga class or pranayama (breathing exercises)? That is because your Prana is flowing freely again, making you happy. By diving deeper into pranayama and the system of chakra, you can get to know your own body and energy better, and learn how to influence how you are feeling. That’s empowerment right there! And that is why we named our hip flare yoga pants Pranafied. Want to know more about Prana? Have a look here.

Ole kiltti Urban Goddess -vaatteellesi, niin se pysyy hyvänä pitkään.
Pesuohje: pese nurinkäännettynä 30 asteessa samanväristen kanssa.

“We only use certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear. That is why you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics and contribute to a healthier environment and happy people who make our products.

We know how annoying it is to get itchy or distracted because of care labels in your clothes and that’s why we don’t have them. We use stamps instead for all of our yoga wear.”



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