Manduka Recycled Belong Foam Roll -hierontarulla

Pehmeähkö foam roller pilates- ja tasapainoharjoitteisiin sekä lihasten hierontaan.

35,00 €

Back by popular demand, a foam roller for muscle lengthening and recovery. Consisting of over 50% recycled EVA foam, this lightweight foam roller is the perfect accessory to your practice.

  • made of 50% recycled high-density EVA foam
  • Helps relieve muscle tension for better recovery

Dimensions: 45.7 cm x 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm

Weight: 0.45kg

  • High-density foam construction increases blood flow for quick recovery
  • Built to lengthen and safely stretch tendons and muscles
  • Loosens knots for enhanced daily practice
  • Recycled EVA foam is good for your practice and the planet
  • Constructed of 100% EVA foam (50-75% recycled)
  • Recycled paper product packaging


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